Craig David Feat. Duvall – My Heart’s Been Waiting for You 英語 歌詞 中國人 翻譯

First, there was you, there was me– 首先,有你,有我We were hanging out– 我们一起出去玩One turned to two, turned to three– 一个变成了两个,变成了三个‘Til the club shut down– 直到俱乐部关闭You gotta text them at the after party (you said)– 你得在晚会上给他们发短信(你说)You ain’t tryna chill with everybody (body, body)– 你不会对每个人都感到冷淡(身体,身体) That was it– 就这样Yeah, you know that was it– 是啊,你知道就这样Pull me in closer, […]