Sophie May – With the Band 英語 歌詞 中國人 翻譯

You ain’t 18 anymore– 你已经不是18岁了Quit reminiscing ’cause it’s a bore– 别再回忆了,因为这太无聊了Waking up in T-shirts from the band– 穿着乐队的T恤醒来Oh, I let him put his cigarette out on my hand– 哦,我让他把烟放在我手上Screaming, “We’re with the band! Oh no!”– 尖叫着,”我们和乐队在一起! 哦,不!” Schoolgirl shoes on Velcro floors– 维可牢尼龙搭扣地板上的女学生鞋He could mumble all his words, he’d still be man enough– 他可以喃喃自语,他仍然是足够的男人He watched […]