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Empara Mi – Shine On You Lyrics

I need love to feel free,
I need love to feel weightless,
Star crossed our constellations,
North star navigation,
But I’m still trying to figure out,
Exactly which way I’m.
I’m facing,
Or do I creep in shadows like a crook inside a comic book or do.
I take a braver stance and take a second look and see I’m hooked,
On a familiar face,
I’m pinned in a displaying case
Oh… oh…

Cause the sun only shines on beautiful things,
Cause the sun only shines on beautiful things,
On beautiful things,
And it shines on you.

Playing to the gallery,
The coldest summer there has ever been…
No no no no no,
It’s never been so cold,
The wind that seeks the harmony,
The vines that keep on tightening on,
On me.
And when I turn the page there always seems to be a blank space that remains,
And through all my mistakes in time I learnt to illustrate,
We can stop and draw our fate inside the lines or we can plan our great escape.

Repeated to end.