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La Humildad De La Musica Norteña – Huapango Amor Ranchero Spanish Lyrics English Translations

Y báilele bonito mi DJ ranchero
– And báilele pretty my DJ ranchero

Esa morrita anda volada
– That little nose is blown
Porque el ranchero le llevó serenata
– Because the rancher serenaded him

Le dijo “quiero todo contigo”
– He said “I want everything with you”
Le dio un besito y fueron a cotorrear
– He gave her a little kiss and they went to chat

Esa chiquilla está bonita
– That little girl is pretty
Y esta boquita, seguro va a besarla
– And this little mouth, he’s sure going to kiss her

Una botella y luego la otra
– One bottle and then the other
Un buen cigarro y vamos a Mazatlán
– A good cigar and we go to Mazatlan

Y báilele a mi DJ Chino
– And dance to my Chinese DJ
Y vámonos pa Morones, viejo
– And let’s go pa Morones, old man

Y qué rollo, mija
– And what a roll, mija
Somos La Humildad, Yeah!
– We Are The Humility, Yeah!

Afortunado pa’ los amores
– Lucky for the loves
De eso no hay duda pues así era mi apá
– Of that there is no doubt because that was my apá

En una troca pa dar la vuelta
– In a troca to turn around
Bien vestidito para salir a bailar
– Well dressed to go out dancing

Ya me despido, dulce paloma
– I’m saying goodbye, sweet dove
Dile que tengo impregnado su aroma
– Tell her that I have impregnated her scent

Ya nos veremos el año que entra
– We’ll see you next year
Dile que tengo muchas más en el corral
– Tell him I’ve got a lot more in the barnyard

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