ビートたけし – 浅草キッド Japanese Lyrics English Translations

お前と会った仲見世の– i met you, nakamise.煮込みしかない鯨屋で– in a whale shop that only stews夢を語ったチューハイの– the dream of chu hai泡に弾けた約束は– the promise that burst into the bubble灯りの消えた浅草の– Asakusa where the lights went out炬燵一つのアパートで– kotatsu in one apartment 同じ背広を初めて買って– i bought the same back for the first time同じ形の蝶タイ作り– Same shape butterfly tie making同じ靴まで買う金はなく– i don’t have the money to […]