AronChupa & Flamingoz – Coco Song English Lyrics Turkish Translations

Ding ding dong- Ding ding dongYou know it won't be long- Uzun sürmeyeceğini biliyorsun.Before I sing along to the coco…

5 months ago

AronChupa – I’m An Albatraoz Lyrics

Madames et MonsieursS'il vous plaîtSoyez prêt pour AronChupa et AlbatraozC'est parti!Let me tell you all a storyAbout a mouse named…

1 year ago

AronChupa & Little Sis Nora – The Woodchuck Song Lyrics

How much wood would a woodchuck chuckIf a woodchuck could chuck wood?Woodchuck could chuck woodWoodchuck could chuck woodHow much wood…

2 years ago