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Coyot & The Prince Karma Feat. Kállay Saunders – Why Lyrics

Look what you startedYou can be honestI know you been dodgingI know you been dodging Why do we hold each other so close?And wait for the other to go‘Cause we don’t wanna be aloneOh, why do we run from things that we know?It’s like we’re afraid of the cold‘Cause love is the devil we know […]

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Ali Bakgor & Kallay Saunders – Ocean Lyrics

‘Cause all I just wanted was your loveThem birds in the sky sing our old songsYou never really know what you got ’til it’s all gone‘Cause all I just wanted was your love It’s like I hear you callin’It’s like I hear your fearsI wake up in the morningAnd you are are never hereStay with […]